Does it matter how large my office is?
The simple answer is no. Whether you are a single producer or have multiple advisors and staff, PCS Advisors will align the resources needed to ensure your practice transitions as seamlessly as possible.

What type of Financial Advisors work with PCS?
PCS Advisors is focused on selecting seasoned and experienced professionals. A high percentage of them have designations such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) or Juris Doctorate (JD). Our advisors have clean U4’s and excellent reputations within their communities. We are very intentional about the advisors we onboard.

How long does it typically take to transition?
Most transitions can be completed in about five weeks. Some a bit more, some a bit less.

Can I be fee-only?
Yes. You can also utilize our broker/dealer, Private Client Services, and become hybrid if that better suits your needs.

In which states are you registered?
Each advisor must be registered in their residential state and may conduct business in any other state without the need to be individually state registered. PCS is an SEC-registered RIA and our advisors can do business in all 50 states.

I already own an RIA. Why leave it?
You may choose to move to the PCS Advisors RIA platform to mitigate your administrative and regulatory burden. Let’s discuss it.

What if I choose to form my own RIA after tucking in?
No problem, we’ll help. We’ve facilitated tuck-outs and will continue to do so when it makes sense for you.

Can I continue to use my brand?
Yes. PCS Advisors always stays in the background – no branding conflicts. Ever.

Can I add advisors?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it and we will help you when you are ready to recruit.

Where do you have offices?
We have a coast-to-coast presence. Our partner firms vary from large groups of advisors with multiple locations to individuals in stand-alone branches.

Can I offer insurance products?
Absolutely. We are happy to discuss when you are ready.